Beemans Chewing Gum


About is a website designed to give you access to Beemans Chewing Gum products and information. This legendary chewing gum was invented as a digestive aide in the 1800s; is experiencing a revival, and we have developed this website to help you learn more and find our where you can get your very own supply of Beemans Chewing Gum.

On our History page, learn how Dr. Beeman came up with the formula – and who suggested it-- as well as the many different companies that have owned rights to produce this iconic merchandise. On the history page you can also learn about the medicinal properties of Beemans Gum.

Since Beemans Gum can still be hard to find, our Shop Page can help you locate and purchase your own supply. It features links to current distributors and information on how to order online or locate it at nearby retail outlets.

The package art that has adorned Beemans Gum through the years is the subject of our Wrappers Page, where you can giggle at the early sensational slogans that were used to promote the product back in the days when snake oil salesman's extravagant claims set the norm in advertising. There is also information on how the marketing concept has successfully changed over the years to attract new customers to the brand.

Beemans gum has earned an iconic place in America's history, and on our Movies page you will learn more about how it has been featured in movies like "The Right Stuff" since it was a favorite among pilots, who considered their 'lucky gum.' Learn what other movies have incorporated the legendary Beemans Chewing Gum into their story lines to give their films a sense of being legitimately rooted in the past.

Beehams Gum has been experiencing a revival, and thanks to you can enjoy the benefits of Beemans Gum today. We invite you to learn why this modest product has induced nostalgia and maintained its attraction over all these years and is quickly becoming as popular today as it was long ago.

We have a few ideas of new sections to add to the website which we will be doing in the near future... so be on the lookout...

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